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This is for gitolite "g3"; for older (v2.x) documentation click here

1 gitolite administration

1.1 server-side administration

The following activities require command line access to the server. They are usually one-time or rarely done activities.

Please read the WARNINGS page first.

1.2 access control via the gitolite-admin repo

Most day-to-day administration of a gitolite site happens like this:

1.2.1 the conf/gitolite.conf file

Most of gitolite's power is in the conf/gitolite.conf file, which specifies detailed access control for repos. Everything except adding users happens from this file.

Here is an example of a simple conf/gitolite.conf file.

    @staff              =   dilbert alice           # line 1
    @projects           =   foo bar                 # line 2

    repo @projects baz                              # line 3
        RW+             =   @staff                  # line 4
        -       master  =   ashok                   # line 5
        RW              =   ashok                   # line 6
        R               =   wally                   # line 7

        config hooks.emailprefix = '[%GL_REPO] '    # line 8

Use the following links to learn more: