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WARNING: This is not the latest gitolite; please see the README

gl-admin-push: bypassing gitolite for the gitolite-admin repo

The method described in the previous section (setting GL_BYPASS_UPDATE_HOOK) will work for all the repos managed by gitolite, except for the special gitolite-admin repo. For that you will need some extra magic, because there is also a post-update hook that runs here, and this needs additional information which is NOT available if you bypass gitolite.

(Note: If your gitolite is too old to have the gl-admin-push program, try gl-dont-panic; run it without arguments for usage info. If you don't even have that, it may be best to clean things out more thoroughly!)

Use the gl-admin-push program to make changes to the admin repo directly on the server. Here's how:

Note that this method will work for any repo, not just the special admin repo.