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WARNING: This is not the latest gitolite; please see the README

the access control file gitolite.conf

Gitolite has an advanced access control language that is designed to be powerful but easy to use. Other objectives were that it should be even easier to read, review and audit the rules, and it should scale to thousands of repos and users. There was also, in the author's mind, a desperate need to create something as different as possible from the brain-dead, nausea-inducing "Windows INI" style syntax that some other popular tools seem to favour.

a quick summary of the conf file

This is a quick recap of the most common elements in a typical config file. (In the following description, the angle brackets are not part of the syntax).

The following sections dig deeper into the syntax and semantics of the access control rules and other configuration directives in the gitolite.conf file. If narrative descriptions scare you, or your English is not upto scratch, try gitolite config by example also.

lexical syntax: Link

basic access control: Link

advanced access control: Link

summary: permissions

The full set of permissions, in regex syntax: -|R|RW+?C?D?M?. This expands to one of -, R, RW, RW+, RWC, RW+C, RWD, RW+D, RWCD, or RW+CD, all but the first one optionally followed by an M. And by now you know what they all mean.

[Side note: There is one more very important permission to be dealt with -- the standalone C, which is not really a "ref" level permission and can be found in doc/wildcard-repositories.mkd.]

other tips: Link