I apologise that many documentation bookmarks are now out of date. This was not an easy decision, but I think the new doc structure is a lot more intuitive.

The previous documentation had too much of a "reference" style, where, for example, if someone wanted to know about refexes, I could point to "the refex page". That may be easy for responding to questions on email, but it causes too many small pages and too much jumping around for people who're trying to understand it themselves, and I got a lot of complaints about it.

The "master table of contents" is almost always present on the right side, just below the "page table of contents". Both can be toggled off if they distract you.

With this redo, you should be able to use the "master table of contents" and read through gitolite documentation in that sequence. Of course there are places where I have no choice but to refer or link to something that has not been encountered yet, but generally you can ignore those links on a first pass through the documentation, without affecting your understanding of the page you're reading.