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This is for gitolite "g3"; for older (v2.x) documentation click here

1 quick install, setup, and clone


1.2 instructions

On the server, as the hosting user (e.g., 'git'):

# get the software
git clone git://

# install it
gitolite/install -ln

# setup the initial repos with your key
gitolite setup -pk

On your workstation:

# clone the admin repo so you can start adding stuff
git clone git@host:gitolite-admin.git
# Note 1: clone path must not include "repositories/"
# Note 2: it may include the ".git" at the end but it is optional

1.3 next steps

If this step succeeds, you can add users, repos, or anything else described here.

If this step fails, be sure to look at the ssh documentation before asking for help. (A very basic first step is to run ssh git@host info; this page tells you what to expect).