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This is for gitolite "g3"; for older (v2.x) documentation click here

1 basic syntax

In general, everything is space separated; there are no commas, semicolons, etc., in the syntax.

Comments are in the usual shell-ish style.

User names and repo names are as simple as possible; they must start with an alphanumeric, but after that they can also contain ., _, or -.

Usernames can optionally be followed by an @ and a domainname containing at least one . (this allows you to use an email address as someone's username).

Group names are like simple usernames (i.e., not email addresses) but start with an @ sign.

Reponames can contain / characters (this allows you to put your repos in a tree-structure for convenience).

There are no continuation lines by default. You do not need them; the section on groups will tell you how you can break up large lists of names in a group definition into multiple lines.

If you must have them, you can optionally enable them; see the syntactic sugar section.

1.1 include files

Gitolite allows you to break up the configuration into multiple files and include them in the main file for convenience.

include     "foo.conf"

will include the contents of the file "foo.conf".


Advanced users: subconf, a command that is very closely related to include, is documented here.