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IMPORTANT NOTE: although this page has a "" URL, this is not about gitolite. That's just an artifact of "" being translated to "" and so ALL my git related stuff gets carried over. Gitolite documentation has another /gitolite in the URL, so you can tell. My apologies for this confusion.

for people who think Hg is just as good

Update: Dec 2013.

Of all the stuff I dumped in the “archived/” directory, this is probably the most out of date. Over the last few years, Hg has, I think, managed to get rid of most of the early craziness with respect to branching (exacerbated by, in my firm opinion, a huge dollop of NIH syndrome!).

I actually tried to learn it a couple of times, but gave up. I didn’t see any real advantages to it, but more important, I find I get seriously turned off when I see tutorials conflating “branch” and “clone”.

Hg is almost as good as git. Linus pretty much says so in his famous googletalk.

Almost :-)

Here’re some links about Hg; detailed commentary from me may come later, but I doubt I will have the time or the inclination. It’s not like this is SVN and I have to strenuously keep you away from it – go ahead and use Hg if you like it and it fits your work style :-)

Also, I have no intention of becoming an Hg expert to answer questions or criticisms about this page. If you think something is wrong, tell me and I’d be happy to update it.

1 Local branches

Hg does not permit a quick experimental branch just to test some wild idea quickly. Check out the “Branch Management” section in

Read the last 3 paras of that section, at least.

2 Projects

Mozilla: quote from

“As good, performant Win32 (and Mac and Linux) is a hard-requirement, Git lost in early Kombat rounds. This is unfortunate because (as we would soon find out), lots of issues with the other systems did”just work" in Git."

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