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IMPORTANT NOTE: although this page has a "" URL, this is not about gitolite. That's just an artifact of "" being translated to "" and so ALL my git related stuff gets carried over. Gitolite documentation has another /gitolite in the URL, so you can tell. My apologies for this confusion.

using git

I’ve somewhat arbitrarily divided the miscellaneus tips into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. They all have a table of contents at the top so you can quickly check if anything could be of use to you.

If you’re ok with using the command line, these might interest you, there are some useful git commands, with some explanation or description – grep, log, show, show-branch, cherry, and a few more. There’s also a list of of some “gotchas” for the command line user.

There’s something for people wanting to run a git server, although really, you should just install gitolite and be done :-)

Finally, there’s also something for the GUI user, something for the Windows user, and something for people coming to git from older legacy systems.