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This is for gitolite "g3"; for older (v2.x) documentation click here

1 help for emergencies

"Don't Panic!"

1.1 install/setup issues

Most install/setup issues are caused by lack of ssh knowledge. Ssh is a complex beast, and -- unless you are using the http mode -- can cause problems for people who are not familiar with its quirks.

Be prepared to spend some time reading the ssh documentation that comes with gitolite.

1.2 lost admin key/access

If you lost your gitolite admin key or access, here's what you do. We'll assume your username is 'alice'.

That's it; the new file replaces whatever existed in the repo before.

1.3 bypassing gitolite

You may have lost access because of a conf file error, in which case the above trick won't help. What you want is to make changes to the repo (or perhaps just rewind) and push that. Here's how to do that:

NOTE: gitolite does no access checking when you do this!

1.4 botched something?

1.4.1 fixing botched repos

If you copied some repos from somewhere else, or mucked with the hooks for some reason, or deleted any gitolite-specific files, or tried any other "behind the scenes" stunts, the quickest, sanest, way to fix everything up is:

If the repo you botched is a wild repo, please ask on the mailing list or on IRC (see contact).

1.4.2 cleaning out a botched install

If you've read the files involved in gitolite page, you probably know the answer, but here's a list of files and directories to deal with:

1.5 common errors

1.6 uncommon errors

(This page intentionally left blank)

1.7 non-standard configs that'll trip you up

1.8 things that are not gitolite problems

There are several things that appear to be gitolite problems but are not. I cannot help with most of these (although the good folks on irc or the mailing list -- see contact -- might be able to; they certainly appear to have a lot more patience than I do, bless 'em!)