gitolite options

Some gitolite features are enabled, or gitolite's behaviour changed, by setting "options".

A line like option foo = 1 is really just syntactic sugar for config = 1, so everything in the git-config page also applies here (especially the bit about overriding config values.

However, these values are not written into git's own config file, so git (or other programs running git config) will not see them. You can only query them using gitolite git-config, where they will appear in full in the output.

Options are set by repo. The syntax is very simple:

option     =   baz

Of course this is useless if some other part of gitolite, or some external command, is not querying for the option key ''!

Options are therefore documented in the section/page they belong in, not here. Here are some examples, although this list is not exhaustive:

  • Ask gitolite to honor deny rules during the pre-git check also.

  • Options related to mirroring -- tell gitolite who is the master server, and who are the copies, for each repo.

  • The optional post-compile trigger update-gitweb-daemon-from-options allows you to use options instead of special usernames gitweb and daemon to determine access for those tools.

  • You can set repo-specific environment variables for triggers and hooks to test, which is very useful.

Here's how to disable an option from a single repo if it was enabled earlier in a group (which you might guess from reading the git-config page):

@g = r1 r2 r3

repo @g
    option gitweb = 1

# but repo r2 should not be accessible by gitweb
repo r2
    option gitweb = ""