quick install and setup

If your Unix-fu and ssh-fu are good, this will work for you. Otherwise, please click the "next" button up there on the right for a more leisurely, detailed, drive through the install process.

distro package install

Tip: look for packages called 'gitolite3' before you look for 'gitolite'.

install from source

If you're comfortable with Unix and ssh, just copy your ssh public key from your workstation to the hosting user, then do something like this:

su - git
mkdir -p ~/bin

git clone https://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite
gitolite/install -ln ~/bin          # please use absolute path here
gitolite setup -pk yourname.pub

Please be sure to read any messages produced by these steps, especially the last one, to make sure things went OK.


  1. If your hosting user is not 'git', substitute accordingly.
  2. Make sure ~/bin is in $PATH. If it is not, add something to your shell startup files to make it so. If some other writable directory is in the path, you can use that if you like.
  3. Substitute your name for "yourname" :-)