the "rc" file ($HOME/.gitolite.rc)

IMPORTANT: if you have a v3.0-v3.3 rc file it is documented here, and it will still work. Please see appendix A below for details.

The rc file is designed to be the only thing unique to your site for most setups.

The rc file is well commented. Please look at the ~/.gitolite.rc file that gets installed when you setup gitolite. You can always get a default copy for your current version by running gitolite print-default-rc. (Please see appendix A for upgrade instructions.)

structure of the rc file

The rc file is perl code, but you do NOT need to know perl to edit it. Just mind the commas, use single quotes unless you know what you're doing, and make sure the brackets and braces stay matched up!

As you can see there are 3 types of variables in it:

This page documents only some of them; for most of them it's best to look in the actual rc file or in each of their individual documentation files around; start with "non-core" gitolite. If a setting is used by a command then running that command with '-h' may give you additional information.

specific variables

security note: gitolite admin and shell access

People sometimes ask why this file is also not revision controlled. Here's why.

Gitolite maintains a clear distinction between

This may not matter to many (small) sites, but in large installations, the former is often a much larger set of people that you really don't want to give shell access to.

Therefore, gitolite tries very hard to make sure that people in the first set are not allowed to do anything that gets them into the second set.

If you must revision control it, you can. Just add it to your admin repo, push the change, then replace ~/.gitolite.rc with a symlink to ~/.gitolite/.gitolite.rc.

appendix A: upgrading the rc file

First, note that upgrading the rc file is always optional. However, it may help if you want to use any of the new features available in later gitolite releases, in the sense that the lines you need to add may already be present (commented out) in the rc file, so you just need to uncomment them instead of typing them in yourself.

If you have a v3.0-v3.3 rc file it is documented here, and it will still work. In fact internally the v3.4 rc file data gets converted to the v3.3 format. There's a simple program to help you upgrade a v3.3 (or prior) rc file (in v3.6.1+, see contrib/utils/rc-format-v3.4), but it has probably not seen too much testing; please tread carefully and report any problems you find.

Upgrading from any v3.4+ rc file to any later gitolite is fairly easy, though still manual. One useful aid is that, as of v3.6.4, you can run gitolite query-rc -d to dump the entire rc structure to STDOUT. This only requires that gitolite be v3.6.4+; your rc file can still be the old one. You can use this to confirm you did not miss something during the manual rc upgrade.